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Calculate the Volumetric weight of your shipment

The cost of a large lighter weight shipment (where volume exceeds actual weight) is determined by the amount of space the shipment occupies on our aircraft, rather than its actual weight. This is known as the volumetric (or dimensional) weight and is calculated basis the following formula: Length (cms) x Width (cms) x Height (cms) / 6000 i.e. the volumetric weight of your package shipped is calculated by multiplying the length, depth and width of the package in centimeters and dividing the result by 6,000.

To calculate the total chargeable weight of your shipment, take the actual or volumetric weight (whichever is greater) for each package and add all the weights together.

You can also use the Volume Weight calculator to determine the volumetric weight of Seabreeze Shipments.

To calculate, enter length, width and height of your shipment and click ‘calculate’