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Being a distinctive brand of the leading pioneer of courier distribution with domestic and international fame and acceptance over the past 20 years, we are known as the most reliable hand specialised in relocating the goods and valuables of the customers with a strong team of adequate skills and capacity.

By ensuring the safe conveyance of the consignment, we will take care of all the necessary formalities as cost-effective. With profound resources, devoted expertise and apt knowledge in this field, we deliver the valuables of our customers everywhere safely. We ensure our pleasing service at all the Seaports and Airports everywhere In Philippines and we always stay responsive to the requirements of our treasured customers and remain committed to providing the best quality services without losing the focus on utter satisfaction.

SBC, the brand-new initiative of Seabreeze Couriers,
becomes a luminous hope for Filipino living in UAE.

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We are trustworthy - reliable service

We are flexible - Customised service

We are at your fingertips - live-tracking from mobile, web and Facebook


We are everywhere - convenient service centres

We can be your partners - Attractive franchise opportunities

We are there for you - hands-on support for packing

We work for you - efficient customer service